From complete digital Trust& Safety strategy to implementation 

Learn how we work with the biggest brands globally in the e-commerce space to ensure digital trust, safety, and growth.

Securing a seamless customer journey on e-commerce platforms

Teleperformance's mission is to to protect the online community and businesses from harmful activities, frauds, security breach, and  to create secure platforms for online purchases.  

Our proven Trust & Safety solutions combine human judgment with AI-powered analytics in more than 54 languages to help you improve user safety, user experience and to mitigate any risk related to online purchases. 

Our Global footprint in Trust & Safety



A long-standing leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM), Teleperformance has been at the forefront of CX for over 40 years. We have spent decades leading the digital revolution in customer care and have evolved into a full-service, Digital Integrated Business Services provider.

Our Trust & Safety expertise delivers the latest technology with a human touch to make ecommerce platforms engaging and safe

Trust and Safety hubs in 25 countries.

Trust and Safety experts.



different languages supported globally. 

More than 30 clients served by our Trust & Safety solutions. 

Client Success Stories

Significant forecasting challenges due to seasonality and the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis have lead to urgent, unplanned capacity changes for our client. 

In response to unforeseen volume fluctuations Teleperformance has planned a transformation roadmap and implemented intelligent automation tools to

address serve the customers of our client in a cost-efficient way. All this with keeping the customer journey seamless and safe. 

E-commerce platform: Fraud prevention, risk mitigation with the automation of processes, deployment of highly skilled experts and AI tools. 

The world’s largest designer, marketer and distributor of sports related apparel & accessories, equipment and athletic footwears was looking for a team of industry-leading fraud and chargeback analysts.  Learn how Teleperformance quickly ramped up high efficiency and cost effective solutions with to support growth,  and to support the client's DTR operations risk and control organizations. 

Our Trust & Safety solutions for a seamless e-commerce customer experience


- Images & Texts moderation 

Violating Products/ Counterfreight 

Detection & Prevention

- Product Review 

- Data Tagging 


- Proactive & Reactive Review

- Escalations Investigations 

& Coordination Team

Data Tagging  


- Violating 

- Ads Detection & Prevention

Classified Ads Review

- Ad Optimization


- Fraud Detection & Prevention (Proactive and Reactive)

Fraud investigation Sellers & Buyers Authentication

- Data Protection

- Cybersecurity 


- Review moderation

- Dispute management

- Refund & Cashback review 

Our differentiators:

AI / ML / Automation for proactive detection and scalability

We have deep expertise working across all industries and understand 

how to preserve brand integrity and user experience by balancing data 

analytics and AI algorithms with human understanding and empathy. 

Our tools allow us to handle vast amount of traffic, drive business insights and scale your operations.

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Operations framework to create proactive protocols, business growth and employee satisfaction.


Our proven operating models underpin everything we do to ensure we provide a high quality service for our clients and their customers. These best practices have been used and evolved over decades with our clients, and are based on highest industry standards.  

24/7 Wellness Support & Individual Coaching 

Wellness Zone

Mentor Programs 


AIM – All Ideas Matter

Process automations

Transformative Solutions


Operational Processes based on the highest level industry standards and tools

Policy Change & Communication Process 

Zero miss process


Our end-to-end transformative solutions combined with large industry expertise, well-being solutions, and operations that leverage automation and analytics have been recognized by Everest Research Group.


Teleperformance, Leading Partner in Trust and Safety

Demonstrating industry expertise, well-being solutions, and next-generation innovative offerings 

Teleperformance has been named a Leader in the Everest Group Trust and Safety - Content Moderation Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022. 

This recognition underscores our essential contribution to making the internet a safer place for our clients, their customers, and their loved ones.

T&S Webinar: Further Insights.

Safeguarding brands & consumers in the era of digital risks

Join Akash Pugalia, Global Trust & Safety president at Teleperformance, to hear about his view on digital Trust& Safety: insights, solutions, and the complexity of resources required to safeguard the digital space. 

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