Trust& SafetyOverview

Learn how TP is positioned to be a dynamic and forward-looking partner in the world of Trust and Safety.

The value of a trusted partner.

Learn how TP is reshaping Trust and Safety business relationships and gaining a clear advantage over our competition.

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How we see the industry today

There’s been a tremendous amount of change in the industry over the past several years. Calls for transparency, both from the public and regulators, are driving platforms to reveal more about their practices, all while maintaining their most intimate content strategies.

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What we are doing today, and investments made

Innovation in Trust and Safety goes beyond technology, and first and foremost, in Teleperformance, finding ways to proactively approach the wellbeing of our people. We are also driving innovation through what we call T.A.P. Assessment Initiative, a methodology for continuous assessment of technology analytics and delivery processes.

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How we want to be a force of change with you

Beyond our global vision of the future, we also strive to form meaningful and lasting partnerships with our clients at an individual level. Part of our evolution at Teleperformance has been the internal education and training on content moderation across all of our relevant business sectors. 

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"Caring for people is what we do here at TP. Let’s take care of each other. Let’s be human together. And let’s remember that no one within our extended TP family is ever alone"

Daniel Julien
Chairman & CEO
Teleperformance Group


C-level Sponsorship for Success

Eric Dupuy

Chief Global Business
Development Officer

Agustin Grisanti

Chief Operating Officer

Akash Pugalia

President of Trust & Safety

Miranda Collard

Global Chief Client Officer,
and Chair of TP Women

“TP is committed to be a dynamic and forward-looking partner in the world of Trust and Safety”

Daniel Julien
Chairman & CEO
Teleperformance Group

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